Meeblip & Novation Remote 25 (en)

For those who do not know what a Meeblip is, have a look at this :

As for me, I chose the Micro version... compared to the « normal version, you can only plug 8 potentiometers and 8 buttons but you have access to all the controls through MIDI controllers.

So, I decided to integrate it physically either into a MIDI controller or into a controller/keybord MIDI, but I thought it over and said to myself that there should certainly be more space in a keyboard than in a small controller.

Finding the right keyboard, not too expensive, turned out rather hard, most of them having only 8 potentiometers and 8 buttons. Another advantage in “directing” the MeeBlip in MIDI is that you can send MIDI controls at the same time in a « sequencer » in order to record it, for the Meeblip has got no MIDI OUT!!!

Not long ago, I found a second hand Novation Remote 25 on the Internet for 60 euros even though it’s got « too many » controls, I have all I need to start the surgery...

I turn it upside down and I realize that there is a space for batteries (yes it can work with batteries) the size if the MeeBlip Circuit

Bad luck, the card is a few milimeters too large, anyway the form of the plastic of the space for the batteries is a problem :

A few screw strippings later, (be careful, you don’t have to remove the big black screws, they fix the whole keyboard, personally, I left them while working) you must pull a bit the upper part forth in order to slide it under the keys ...

One connector to disconnect, no risk when you put it back, there is a keyed. Moreover, there is an unused connector, If anyone ever opens a Remote 49 ou 61, it might be connected to something on these machine !!!!

Let’s start : I chose the mini-grinder, I must give in that in spite of appearances I have had troubles, le disk made of abrasive material was heating the plastic, which was melting and stiking after the disk had passed. With a little patience, you can do it with a cutter...

So, after a little while, a few broken disks, plastic parts everywhere (also in the pile of the living room carpet)...

A work more or less clean :

Then, fixing the circuit on the trap, with braces as close as possible to the back side :

Then piercing of the back side at random ………..and it does not match !!!

First trial cable of MIDI OUT 2 of Novation on the MIDI IN of the MeeBlip, headphones out of the MeeBlip. For the supplying, I had an outer blok 9v300A for the Novation et I’d need another one for the MeeBlip. Consequently, I chose another solution : a more powerful supplying (500mA, I do not know how muche the MeeBlip uses, but this should do) and I used a distribution cable, as you can find for guitar effect pedal and so I plugged the Novation and the MeeBlip :

I satr the lot, the keybord switches on, I play : NOTHING !!!... phew, the keyboard is on MIDI OUT 1 only, I turn it onto MIDI OUT 2 : notes are playing !!!!

Still have to create a profile for controllers :

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